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FRY YAY has proven the test of time to be more than a just a one time event fad, but a welcome entity that is here to stay. Since 2012, our Swirls Potato shop has declared its presence at over 400 pop-up events across Southern California ranging from the ever popular KTOWN Night Market to Smorgasburg Los Angeles, 626 Night Market, OC Block Party, Insomniac Escape, Riverside Festival, ANIME Impulse, and so much more.

At long last, FRY YAY has traded up from pop-up shop to our own brick and mortar stores. Gone are the days where foodies have to wait in hungry anticipation for the next food event to satisfy those taste buds.

FRY YAY is a California-based quick-serve French fry kiosk, we are known for our grand variety of delicious fries and tasty seasonings. Our menu also offers other tasty selections such as popcorn chicken, wings, lemonade, and soda.

With FRY YAY snacks available any time of the week, month, and year, no matter what day it is, it’s always going to feel like Friday with a taste of our fries!

How to FRY YAY. 1 Pick Your Style of Fries. 2 Select Your Seasoning. 3 Choose Your Sauce. 4 Enjoy!

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